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Since it’s founding in 1983 Golden State Tax Training Institute Inc. has sought to streamline and simplify your California Tax Education Council (CTEC) continuing education (CE) requirement. To date we have issued over 25,000 courses to approximately 6,000 individual tax preparers with the goal of making their and your experience as seamless as possible.

Our California tax training courses have been the premier tax preparation courses for 27 years.  California Tax Education is the sole focus for Golden State Tax Training.  We strive to provide our tax preparers the very best product and keep our clients updated with the latest changes. 

We are pleased to offer all of our clients a new way to complete your CE requirements. You can now not only download your 20 hr Continuing Education course through this web site but also take and submit your test online. If you would still like our most recent course book, we still offer the option of receiving the new book by mail. However, you still retain the option of taking your test online for additional speed and convenience.
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